About us

Why Gepida?

Our key to quality is continual product development, creative planning, clear design, precision in assembly, up-to-date technology and the application of appropriate value for price. Our success in realizing these procedures is due to the enthusiasm that our team members have for bikes and cycling, which we try to “build into” into our bikes. By purchasing a Hungarian product you create and protect jobs, contribute to the development of the Hungarian economy, and take responsibility for our country and Hungarian society, which is just one more reason to choose Gepida.

Gepida bikes are manufactured by Olimpia Ltd.

Olimpia Ltd. is devoted to producing high quality bikes. Our products comply with ISO 9002 quality management system regulations. Due to the excellence of our products and to the precise design, the international presence of the company is also significant. Our products are sold in bike shops across more than 20 countries worldwide. We are traditionally present at the most significant exhibitions of the bike industry in various countries.

It is most probably a cornerstone of the success of Gepida that it has a huge product range and can offer bikes to any kind of cyclist. It sells traditional bikes, electric bikes and all the necessary accessories. You can find more details on the products in the upper menu bar and in our downloadable catalogue. You will find bike models with steel and aluminium frames (made in the traditional manner or by hydroforming). Use our sizing application to find a frame size that suits you best; take a look at our bike geometry drawings and at the detailed specifications so that you can make your choice in light of all important information. Our shop-locator service helps you to easily find your closest Gepida dealer.