10 Christmas present ideas for cyclists

1. Multitool – A compact and useful model always comes handy. The more functions the better.  

2. Cycling jersey – As it’s a technical clothing it can surely be an important piece for most cyclists. Always pay extra care when you choose the size as it may vary based on manufacturer and type.

3. Light set – A compact sized light set is absolutely necessary during the dark winter days.

4. After market quick release set – Most of the cyclists are happy to do tuning on their bike. A light, well designed and color cordinated set always will be a winner choice!  

5. Bottle and bottle cage – A wide range of light, well designed and color cordinated modelas are available on the market that can deliver to the highest standard regarding of their materials and quality.

6. Book – An interesting theme, an interesting story, a well known and popular sport event, a legendary cyclists biography. We can mention any of them and be sure it would be an interesting read for any cyclist.

7. Chain cleaning kit – Nothing comes more handy than a chain cleaning kit when it comes to bike maintenance. It’s easy to use and it’s practical, this makes it a good gift indeed.

8. Floor pump – It’s absoltely necessary to use a floor pump to reach the optimal tyre pressure. It’s a must have item in every cyclists garage.

9. Cycle computer – Most cyclists like to know how far and how fats they have cycled. The best choice for this is a cycle computer that times also comes with GPS features.

10. T-shirt – Here’s the truth: bikers like to wear biker T-shirts. Doesn’t matter if it’s road, mounatin bike, BMX or commuter, the biker T-shirts are always popular pieces of a cyclists closet. 

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