Alps to the Ocean Cycle trail in New Zealand

It is always good to receive feedback from our customers, as due to the nature of production companies we rarely have the opportunity to see our products in action - in our case the joy of cycling.

Reading the lovely letter of Rod & MaryAnne Calver simply melt our hearts. We are very proud of their accomplishment with their Gepida Thoris tandem bike on the Alps to the Ocean Cycle trail in New Zealand and we wish them the best of health and many more trail adventures in the future!

Here you can read the letter:

"We have just completed our first big ride on our Gepida Thoris tandem. My wife is nearly 82 years old and we managed the over 300km without any major problems. The bike is fantastic and allows us to keep cycling and to go places many would not ever consider going.


Thank you for designing such a great machine.


Kind Regards,

Rod and MaryAnne Calver

Katikati,New Zealand"

30 09:19:57 JAN 18/