An unmissable experience: Tour de Ring at the Hungaroring

You can choose from almost an innumerable number of bike races this summer, but there are some events that must not be missed if you take bike riding a little seriously. Such a race is the Tour de Ring which will be held on the Formula 1 race track at the Hungaroring in July.


On July 11 and 12, everyone can find their calculations at this event organized by Tó-sport Kft, because the Hungaroring will be occupied by bikers. You’ll find colorful programs and races with various levels of difficulty there. You can even participate in a 24-hour race, but if you just want to taste the magic of Hungaroring, then it is the “Happy Race” you should opt for.

The venue is the Hungaroring in Mogyoród, the 4381-meter race track with a 36-meter grade difference, and you can enter for the following 5 race categories:

·         RING24 

You can enter for individual and for various relay races. The race starts at 2 pm on Saturday, July 11.

·         NightRide

This race starts at 7 pm on July 11. The course is 67 kilometers with 13 laps.

·         24Kör 

This race will be held at 10 am on Sunday. It’s a 24-lap competition with a total distance of 105 kilometers.

·         Happy Futam (Happy Race)

The members of the three-person teams have to run only one lap each. This three-lap race starts at 2:30 pm on Sunday, July 12.

·         KisPróba (Small Trial)

Children's competitions will be held both on Saturday and Sunday, although not on the F1 round; a small asphalt track will be assigned to the route.

Visit the event’s website:

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