Application of water- based painting at Gepida

Nowadays the application of water-based paint has become widespread. The use of advanced technology can be seen in the paintwork of Gepida bicycles. The time had come for this type of advanced method to be applied to all bikes, to secure a more perfect finish than was available with granulate painting.

Since the summer of 2013, we have been switching to the water-based paint, which previously seen only on the highest quality bikes. The significant advantage of the process is that it covers the surface in three layers, (primer, colour and lacquer) therefore the result is more homogenous, increasing the durability of the paintwork. The quality of the bike is increased, however we do not charge extra for this enhanced paintwork.

Attaching the brand-name stickers (decals) to bikes is also influenced by new technology, the sticker will lay flush with paint to making the finish look even better. Instead of an air-pressured spray gun as used in traditional painting, a static charged spray-nozzle disperses the layers of paint onto the frames of the bikes. This adheres the charged particles of paint in a uniform and efficient way to the frames. In addition to increasing the quality finish of the bike, there are less particle of paint dispersed into the air, which is very much in line with Gepida’s positive attitude towards environment protection issues.

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