Asgard 1000 - 650B

When you plan to buy a bike, you need to consider what terrain you would use your new bike on, and also what purpose you need it for. If you are looking for a powerful and sporty bicycle, suitable for all road conditions, then please read on, as the following model is for you.

The Asgard 1000 650 B is the top member in the electric MTB category of our offer for 2015. Its lines praise the creative work of Hungarian designers, and it offers an absolutely favorable range of accessories for the demanding cyclist.

All three MTB wheel sizes have both advantages and disadvantages. The Asgard has a 27.5" wheel diameter, which is characterized by better rolling properties, improved road holding and enables you to pass over obstacles more easily than with a 26" wheel. And in contrast to a 29" wheel, it has the advantage of a more stable road holding due to a lower center of gravity.

The aluminum frame produced by hydroforming is worthy of the upper middle-category accessories, and gives the impression of high quality already at first sight. The tubes formed with variable geometry receive the forces coming from different directions flexibly and dynamically. Due to the robust welds, drop outs and tube joints, this bike is stable and can be controlled accurately. We provide a lifetime warranty for the frames of Gepida bicycles, confirming once again the high quality of our products.

With the high end Shimano XT rear derailleur, you can enjoy the benefits of the most advanced and accurate 10-speed shifter on the market.

The modern water-based process for the paint and the stickers really provide a high-quality and long-lasting look. This technology has the advantage that the bicycle is covered in 3 layers as evenly as possible, thereby increasing the long-lasting beauty and value of your bike. The stickers are placed under the varnish and thus they are perfectly flush with the paint and seamlessly blend into the overall picture.

The electrical system of the Asgard 1000 is fitted with a Bosch Performance Line motor, which gives you an increased riding range thanks to the 400 WH battery pack. The Bosch mid-drive motor provides an excellent weight distribution as it is installed in the drivetrain, therefore with its more effective and more natural power assistance, you can dash along other tired cyclists even at 25 km/h. The bicycle’s drive unit comes from the Performance product line, with specifically optimized features for terrain. This version allows for a more dynamic and sportier ride for a longer distance. In low assistance levels, you can ride for up to more than 100 km with it.

The Asgard has the most important features, can be perfectly controlled, offers a sophisticated and reliable operation, and it comes through under every road conditions, be it terrain or asphalt.

Being an electric bicycle, it is recommended not only for professional cyclists but for anyone who loves challenging terrains. Being a reliable and easy-to-use dynamic bicycle, it is also perfect for the older generation.

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