Bicycle races and tours in May

We are happy to announce that, together with the mild weather, the cycling season has begun! We have collected the most important cycling races and tours organized in the country in May. If you have not entered any race yet, or wish to take part in several races and tours, this is the site you were looking for. This list provides a large number of options for both amateur and professional cyclists.

1.   BringaMánia Tour de Balaton – bike tour
BringaMánia Tour de Balaton is organized for five distances, to cater for all needs. Tour de Balaton is more of an easy bicycle tour organized with an average speed of 15 to 30 km/h in mind. The opening hours of checkpoints and refreshment tours is also synchronized to this pace. The route can be completed in groups or individually.
There is a choice of the following distances: 206km, 146km, 86km, 32km and 6km. 
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2.   Szamárkő cycling tour
A cycling tour with a comfortable pace, in a beautiful environment, from the main square of Siófok to Zamárdi. Organized several times a year, this tour is especially suitable for beginners.
Dates: May 3, 7 and 11
Route: Siófok - Újhely – Széplak-alsó – Zamárdi and back
Date: 10-13 am
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3.   7th Kalandtúra Két Keréken – Adventure on Two Wheels
This tour is organized for the 7th time in the Bakony between May 8 and 10. With a base camp in Csesznek, cyclists can choose among several distances between 50 and 200 km, according to their category and skill. 
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4.   8th Intersport Tour de Tisza Lake
The Tour de Tisza Lake is organized by BSI on May 9. This year, beginners are offered a 15 km tour while more experienced cyclists can prove their skill with a road bike or mountain bike on a 65 km route.
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5.   Fighter's Bike Csillebérc
On May 9, the number one off-road bike track gives place to a cycling race involving natural and artificial obstacles. Everyone is free to enter, regardless of gender or age. The length of the track is 3.5 km, and it contains 8 to 10 obstacles.
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6.   13th Kínok Kínja road bycycle race
Organized for the 13th time, the race will be held in Esztergom on Sunday, May 10. This year, there is a choice of two routes (100 km/24 km)
• long: Esztergom – Két-Bükkfa nyereg (Dobogókő) – Csobánka – Pilisvörösvár – Pilisszentkereszt – Csobánka – Pilisvörösvár – Pilisszentkereszt – Két-Bükkfa nyereg (Dobogókő) – Esztergom
• short: Esztergom – Dobogókő (turnaround halfway)
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7.   5th Tour de Lake Velence
 The 5th Tour de Lake Velence is held on May 16-17, in 3 different categories.
a)   4th Lake Velence MTB Marathon 
Type of event: MARATON CROSS (XCM)
Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015
Distance: 35 km, 46 km
b) 5th Lake Velence Mini Marathon 55 km
Type of event: Road race
Location: Velence, Kemping St 2 Drótszamár Camping
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2015
Distance: 56.2 km (270 m difference in level)
c)   Kis Próba Children's Race 
Location: Velence, Kemping St 2 Drótszamár Camping
The race track crosses the camping site, in a grassy area cordoned off with tape. The children's race is free on both days.
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8.    5th Kellys Bakonyerdő Marathon 2015
This year, Bakonyerdő Marathon is held on Saturday, May 16. Time is measured using chip technology. There are three different distances: 33 km, 69 km and 100 km, based on the three categories: short, medium and long.
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9.   9th Móri Karika charity cycling tour
The MÓRI KARIKA charity cycling tour is organized for the 9th time on Saturday, May 30, 2015. One of the objectives is to collect donations for Cortex Agysérültekért Alapítvány (Alapítvány az Agysérültek Rehabilitációjáért) – Cortex Foundation for Brain Damaged Persons. Another goal is to support the Municipal Cultural Foundation of Mór. There are three different distances for different levels of skill: 110 km, 50 km and 25 km.
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10. 4th K&H mozdulj! bicycle tour in Gárdony
Held on May 31, this bike tour covers a distance of mere 28 km, providing great opportunity for the entire family to spend a leisurely day cycling around Lake Velence.
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11. 14th Specialized Marathon Szilvásvárad
Held on May 31, the marathon offers both long and medium distances, on the same route as in the previous year. The short distance is also the good old 39 km. The novelty is a short mini marathon distance for absolute beginners. This race is best for beginner mountain bike users, children, families as well as recreational and casual cyclists.
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