Christmas is just around the corner. We would like to recommend our premium category kids bike as present for the little ones. Our kids bike range offers options from as young as 2,5 years of age through the pre-school age group up 14 years old teenagers. We would advise to choose the 20” wheelsized models for the age group between 6,5 and 9 years (height 115-135 cm) and the 24” wheelsized models to the 9 to 12 years old age group (130-150 cm).    

The Auha balance bike is ideal for the youngest ones. It could be an ideal choice for Christmas, the kids can really develop their balancing skills with the help of this model. It is not only durable but also a very light model ont he market thanks to it’s aluminium frame. In order of safety we have the bike equipped with rear brake that can be used easily and safely even by the small hands.   

This years newest model has been equipped with BOSCH e-Bike system. We would recommend it to kids between 10 and 14 years of age who are confident on the bike already. It can be ideal for families, this way the kids can keep up easily even on longer tours. 

Ideal choice for 10-14 years old girls. Cycling with the 3 speed internal gear system is easier than other models. The dynamo is integrated into the hub, this way theres no unnecessary resistance that slows the bike down. For maximum safety the bike has been kitted out with 3 sets of brakes: front brake, rear brake and a backpedal brake also.   

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