Gepida Bicycle Bags

If you use your bike for transport or for trekking, you may need a bag to carry your essentials. Gepida offers bags to meet almost any everyday need.

Gepida offers three different types of  pannier bag. The Gepida Original Accessories bag, made from reliable water resistant polyester is a gem for the cargo rack of any Gepida bicycle; not that it is the primary role of the bag. This bag boasts a highly practical inner design and its inner pockets are suitable for holding your documents, keys, phone and laptop, or even your lunch without having to mix them up. Its storage capacity is 14 liters and it can be stuffed full. Its reflective strips increase your visibility in traffic.

If you have a smaller and cheaper product in mind, then take a look at our GPD range. In 2014 this range was expanded with Double and Triple Pannier Bags, whose useful features we present here. The Double version, with its capacity of 31.8 liters and its practical design, is great for 2-3 day tours. Its strong, water resistant polyester material guarantees protection from the elements, even with continuous use. Reflective safety strips are also indispensable parts of this bag. You can view the dimensions and suggested retail price of this bag here. The Triple version, equipped with a fixed upper section, is specifically made for cyclists keen on taking longer tours, as it provides storage space enough even for a week-long trip. You can learn more about its dimensions and further details here.

If you do not need enormous pockets and extra capacity, yet you are still focused on versatile usability, then meet our Messenger Bag. Its capacity of 11 liters and its pockets make it possible for you to store and carry a laptop, a tablet, or other articles. Moreover, as well as wearing it on your back you can also attach it to your bike’s cargo rack.

If you are looking for an even smaller bag, our Basic or Pro Saddle Bag may be a perfect choice for you. The composition of these bags is identical to that of the others, and they also include reflective strips. The Basic version can be strapped to the saddle with Velcro and boasts 0.7 liters of capacity. The Pro version can be attached to the saddle with a quick-release system, and due to its modern, extendable design, its capacity can reach 1.2 liters.

No regular cyclist can dispense with a Rucksack. (Although they’re great for non-cyclists too!) Gepida’s Rucksack is also made from polyester, with reflective strips providing visibility. For improved usefulness, you can fasten it to your helmet with its elastic rubber cord. While riding, you don’t need to worry about sweating under your backpack thanks to the efficient ventilation of the ergonomically formed back. A cell phone case integrated into the mesh waist belt further contributes to its usefulness. If your bike is not equipped with bottle cages, the zippered inside and side pockets are perfectly suitable for holding your bottle. The Rucksack also comes with a rainproof cover and a loop for attaching a safety light.

We are sure that there is a Gepida bag to meet every need. As Gepida accessories are such good value, we can offer bags and other accessories and parts for all cyclists.

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