Gepida Bottle Cages 2016
One of the most important while cycling to never forget continuous hydration. Ideally, if you have an easily accessible plastic bottle cage you should be abel to drink while riding a bike.
Our 2016 cage selection have been selected and designed in a way, that everyone can find their ideal modell.

Our Gepida bottle cage side pro is perfectly suitable for narrow or MTB bike frames.


  • taking the bottles from up right side direction
  • matterial: alloy 6463
  • bolts included

Our Gepida Bottle Cage side basic is specially design in a way, that you can take the bottle from left and right side direction as well.


  • matterial: polycarbonate
  • perfect fitt for right or left handed riders
  • bolts included

Our Gepida Plastic Bottle cage pro has a very light weight, and can hold biger sized bottels as well.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate material.
  • 2 fixing bolts included.
  • Weight only 28g.
  • Available in black.

Our Gepida Plastic Bottle cage basic is able to hold the bottle stronger, thats why it is ideal use for MTB riders.


  • Polycarbonate material
  • Included bolts
  • Weight 48g
  • Available in white and transparent red

Our Gepida Aluminium Bottle cage is ultralight  and available in white and black colour. The rubber insert between cage sides allows for easy bottle insertion and for a tight fit with standard bottle.


  • Ultralight 5052 aluminum material
  • Only 1,2 mm thin
  • More extension with the rubber insert
  • Available in white, black and silver 
  • Weigth only 30 g

Our Gepida Aluminium Watter Bottle cage has plastic inserts for easy bottle removal and to protect the bottle.


  • Welded aluminium cage
  • Plastic inserts for easy moving and to protect the bottle
  • Included bolts

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