Gepida Factory Store - Grand Opening


Gepida Factory Store – the entire range of GEPIDA products under one roof!


Hungary’s leading domestic e-bike producer Gepida had its new premium category bicycle store opened with a solemn ceremony, in the XI. District of Budapest.


The 27th of April 2017 will be a day to remember for the Hungarian fans of Gepida. The very first Gepida Factory Store of the country has finally opened.

The premises are over 100 square meters and are in close proximity to Móricz Zsigmond Körtér. The idea behind the new store is to directly represent the Gepida factory and make all their products available in one place with high quality customer service.

With the largest selection of e-bikes in the downtown area of Budapest, the shop is now open for costumers, friends of the brand and cyclists. 

In our shop handed over last week „we offer a kind of quality and a unique presentation of our product range unlike any other bike store in Hungary. It’s not about a lot of bikes crammed into a shop. It’s the way they are presented and the inspiring environment that almost makes you jump on the saddle right away” – narrated György Berkes, founder and owner of Gepida right before the ribbon-cutting. He also told about his vision of this store, which he had for almost 8 years now. He wanted Gepida to have a brand shop of its own and started working on the Factory Store about 1,5 years ago with his esteemed colleague, Zsolt Rózsa.

Representing the company running the shop, Go Mobility Ltd., Bence Gosztonyi also rejoiced about their dream coming true opening the Factory Store. The shop can serve the needs of a clientele leading a Western European lifestyle. He emphasized the availability of the newest e-bikes and the possibility of a test run at the Gepida Factory Store near Ménesi út – a great testing venue for your new pedelec. It makes trying the Gepida e-bikes mounted with Bosch electric engines in tough testing conditions really easy.  


Besides bikes, Gepida Factory Store offers Gepida and Topeak accessories, customer service and a (brand independent) bike service station all year long during opening hours.



Location:               1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 39.
Phone:                   06 1 246 4746


Opening hours:

Mo-Fr     11:00 – 19:00

Sa             11:00 – 17:00


16 10:15:18 MAY 17/