Gepida and GPD bottle cages for the thirsty moments!

The Gepida team never rests:  there are no better evidence to that then the latest bottle cages  available in our product catalogue, which – along with the bottleswe introduced in the past – provide the perfect solution to alleviate thirst in the increasingly hot summers and in winter, too.

The latest member of the Gepida bottle cage family is our Gepida Aluminum Pro Bottle Cage made from high-end raw materials.

With the 5052 ultra light aluminum used, it is 1.2 mm thin and weighs no more than 30 grams. Thanks to its special rubber lining it does not only better stabilize bottles, but also ensures their easy removal and insertion. It fastens to the bicycle with screws and comes in three different colors (while, silver, black)

 Besides the gepida products, the GPD product family is another one of our 2014 novelties, targeting bikers who do not necessarily wish to have accessories with gepida written on them. When it comes to bottle cages, there are two different types of them that we offer. 

GPD Plastic Bottle Cage

 It is a modern shape bottle cage made from light plastic, which thanks to its design makes the moving of the bottle very easy. It is available in two different colors (white, black) and comes with the screws needed for the assembly.

GPD Aluminium Bottle Cage
This classic shape bottle cage welded from 6 mm aluminum only weighs 65 grams and comes with the screws needed for the assembly. It is available at a very affordable price. find your nearest shop here.

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