Getting prepared for the rainy, snowy weather


Getting a general service is necessary even if our bike is in a good condition. Get the bearings greased, and fit new brake pads and cables as well. Visit your local bike shop if you are unable to carry out the repair yourself.

Don’t forget your mudguards! It’s a must have accessory during the wet and slushy days. Yes-yes, it doesn’t look great on a sporty bike but don’t forget: it’s all about functionality instead of esthetics.

Last but not the least lets see the clothing that we may need during the winter. The biggest challenge is to stay dry. To able to achive this you must have a good waterproof jacket, waterproof overpants, waterproof gloves and a pair of waterproof overshoes.



·         The mudflat at the end of each guards can be too short and narrow. With some creativity you can make your own piece easily.

·         For off-road MTBs you can create a small DIY guard out of an old tube. You can tie it to the crown of the fork and the bridge to avoid mud splashing in your face during the ride.   

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