According to the European Cycling Federation (ECF), Hungary has maintained its stable position No. 8 in Europe. Five aspects have been tested in the European Cycling Barometer research. We have finished in the first three places in terms of modal share and cycle tourism, and as far as cycling safety is concerned, we belong to the European leading bunch, says the article.

Hungary has a distinguished position in the statistical ranking drawn up by the European Cyclist Federation (ECF), based on the statistics of bike use in the EU in five categories. With the data received, the Federation aims to promote the shaping of transport policies on both community and national levels.

Top list

The following five dimensions have been examined in the European Cyclist Barometer:

·         Modal share

·         Cycle tourism

·         Safety

·         Market size

·         Cycling advocacy

Based on the above data, Hungary ranked at No. 8. Denmark is placed first, the Netherlands second, and Sweden third.

Based on further data, the following findings have also been made:

·         The Netherlands has the highest modal share

·         Cycling safety is the best in Luxembourg and in Malta

·         The Finnish do cycle tourism the most

·         Proportionately, Slovenia has the largest bike market

·         Proportionately, the Danes have the largest cycling advocacy

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