I Bike Budapest

Hungary’s most popular cycling event, Critical Mass, is going to be held again this year under a new name, I Bike Budapest. In 2013 – the last time it was held – over a hundred-thousand people took part. In 2014 the organisers decided not to organise the event due to the fact that it had reached its goal; i.e. for large numbers of people to cycle on the streets of Budapest. It became clear last year, however, that there is a very broad interest in these events. An open forum was held on 2 March, where organisation began by getting both old and new members involved. The event will take place on 25 April, on a 19 km route, which is much longer than that of the previous years and will end with the participants raising their bikes on Margaret Island.

For further information and details, check out I Bike Budapest  on Facebook or the IBBwebsite.

Route: Bakáts tér - Pest's river bank to Hotel Hélia - Dózsa György út - Heroes’ Square - Andrássy út - Oktogon - Nagykörút - Rákóczi út - Erzsébet híd - Alagút - Lánchíd - Pest’s river bank - Margaret bridge - Margaret Island

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