Importers’ day

We held our event for our foreign importers, at which we introduced our 2016 bicycle range and current upgrades. Among other things we revealed that the direction of our upgrades will stay the same and we will modernize the equipment on the bikes in line with international trends. The design will also be somewhat renewed. In the Pedelec bicycle market the range corresponds to technical development: Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano (who are new to the market) deliver the mechanics and the electronics. We will introduce a multiple use pedelec bike next year, from city models through tour bikes, all the way to electric mountain bikes, but we will also keep the bikes that have no built-in electric motors. Our partners had the chance to admire the new and extremely up-to-date hydroforming frame of the renewed but almost classic Asgard MTB model in the elegant setting of our extraordinarily set-up show. Customers will also be able to purchase non-motorised versions of the Alboin model family.

01 15:16:00 APR 15/