NEDAO 1000

Our novelty for 2016 is a special NEDAO bicycle, which is unique among electric bikes in Hungary. Our successful cruiser product line is strengthened with this new product, which is equipped with a Bosch system.

When you’re planning to buy a bicycle, you need to consider what terrain you’ll be riding your new bike on, and precisely what requirements your new bike needs to meet.

If your dream is a bike that embodies the cool American “beach” vibe, but at the same time is comfortable and has a reliable design, then this bike is for you.

When you are riding this NEDAO bike you will discover that it has many extremely important features (in addition to the special lifestyle it conveys) that make it worth having for an urban or suburban environment, on the lakeside or even at the seaside.

NEDAO's electrical system has been equipped with an active Bosch engine and with a 400 WH battery for an increased range. Bosch middle engines provide excellent weight distribution, because they are installed at the lowest point of the bike and they directly drive the middle shaft, transmitting power more efficiently and providing more natural power assistance. This means you can dash between other cyclists at up to 25 kmh.

The large balloon tires make cycling more comfortable. They bounce better, absorb all kinds of bumps and do not slide due to the large rubber surface; all summed up, they have extremely good roadholding. Their ideally designed geometry provides absolute comfort. Due to the robust welds, drop outs and tube joints, this bike is stable and can be controlled accurately.

The aluminum frame produced by hydroforming is worthy of the upper middle-category accessories, and gives the impression of high quality at first sight. We provide a lifetime warranty for the frames of Gepida bicycles, confirming once again the high quality of our products.

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