Network building „Gepida-style”

Various consumer research reports are eager to point out, that besides affordable price quality also tends to receive increased attention nowadays. Of course, this does not hold true for mass production, but rather for products manufactured to meet the needs of high demand customers. Gepida is the ambitious biker’s „vehicle”, and as a result the distribution of Gepida bicycles show a reassuring and steady, continuous growth with more and more international partners launching the sales of Gepida among their existing product range. Therefore, it is an ongoing development, which cannot only be seen on the utilization of modern technology, but also in terms of the logistic background connected to our activities. Our distribution channels vary: while in certain countries our sales representatives are in contact with local importers, sales are handled by Olimpia Bicycle Ltd. in Germany. 

Olimpia Bicycle Ltd. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and as part of its celebrations there were be one jubilar bicycled raffled off each week as a promotional offer aimed at end users for a total of 20 weeks, providing an additional way to promote sales. After 20 years, we can feel a sense of satisfaction as we look back at the beginnings, when the future and mission of a small business was established along the lines of very different values. And today we are talking about a network reaching beyond the borders of Europe; with our exceptional price-value ratio and our bicycles meeting the highest of demands, we were able to reach new markets and are very happy to greet Austria among the many new partner countries we have attracted. 

The mission of the Australian Eurocycles team is to offer Australian customers the most modern electronic bicycles equipped with the latest technology and a design meeting the demands arising from the newest trends. The Gepida electronic bicycles undergo constant testing and yield outstanding results even in the hills around Sidney. In our next interview Rick Krassio, Head of Eurocycles, will talk about his experiences with Gepida.

1.       Why did you choose to distribute Gepida e-bikes?


 The Australian Design Rules for e-bikes were modified in 2012 to allow pedelec bikes to the EN15194 standard, which has paved the way to allow e-bikes that use the sophisticated Bosch mid drive system based on a 250w motor (previously a maximum of 200w only was allowed). Gepida was one of the first European bicycles marques to adopt the Bosch system, which with its high torque motor makes it apealing for hilly cities like Sydney. Gepida was of instant appeal to be owing to its sophisticated designs, use of high quality componentry, European manufacture and the broad variety of styles and options available. I cant think of another manufacturer who applied the Bosch mid drive systems to city bikes, touting bikes, mountain bikes and tandem bikes. The variery of choices is truly impressive.

2.        Why do you advise Gepida e-bikes for your customers?


 Hilly cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and parts of Adelaide and Perth will benefit from the higher torque available from the Bosch mid-drive systems compared with hub-drive systems which have until now dominated the fledgling Austrlian e-bike market. The broad variery of e-bike styles will provide options to suit most e-bike users- from commuters, to outdoor mountain bike adventurers, to those who would like to get back on a bicycles after no riding for years for excersise and pleasure. Gepida has it covered.

1.       When did you start the distribution of Gepida in Australia?


Gepida is imported and distributed in Austrlia by Eurocycles Pty Ltd, an independant Austrlian owned and operated business owned by environmental scientist and e-bike enthusiest Dr Rick Krassoi. After putting in the necessary approvals and import permits, the first consignment of Bosch powered Gepida ebikes arrived at the Eurocycles stores in Sydney in February. Pre-launch sales commenced in Sydney through Sydney Electic Bikes in Pyrmont, with sales in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne expected to commence in late March.

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