New year- a new Self!

New year- a new Self! It is the goal of many of us on every January the first (and on every Monday), to change life-style, get rid of all those extra weight and become both fitter and healthier.

Beside the thorough re-consideration of meals, the properly and prudently chosen activity does matter a lot.

Riding a bicycle is considered as an aerob, cyclical activity. This means, during cycling, the same range  of motion is rapidly repeated after one another, and motion is dynamic, as is taken place in the presence of oxigen.



1.       Gentle to joints

During running, jogging, joints are exposed to stronger and more severe load, due to constant and continuous shocks.

In the proccess of cycling, joints will be saved from all those shocks, yet a very effective fat-burning will be proceeding, as applied adaquately.

2.       Fat burning!

As the impact of regular cycling, the condition of veins in our body improve a great deal, even our circulation gets better, meaning it could carry way more oxigen, thereby „burning” more energy. As known, for all burning proccesses, including fat-burning, oxigen is fundamentally demanded, of which is most effective as aerob sport activity practiced.


3.       Energy and fat burning

All movements, practiced on bycicle needs energy, which can be supplied from fat-depots. However, at least 30 minutes of cycling is needed, before stubborn fat depots are to be accessed. Expressed in real figures-if- not burning out-, however riding with great enthusiasm, at good pace for an hour, you can burn even 5-600 calories, indicating an amount of 60-70 gramms of fat. Beside a balanced and healthy diet, one hour riding five times a 

So, prudently re-considered bycicle training can yield wonderful results, making our body fitter, increasing our stamina, decreasing our fat volume at the same time.

Due to the fat-burning effects of motion, our muscles will get better tone in visibility, as our joints are exposed to a far gentler load. It is however fundamental to emphasize that all changes in life-style, diets, starvation is strictly forbidden, riding bycicle (and any other forms of training) can only be effective, if proper quantity and quality, in fiber and energy rich food is consumed and human body can have enough rest at the same time.

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