Pedelec VS E-Bike

We have received questions through many different channels about what’s the difference between Pedelec and e-Bike. In this article we have summed up the latest information to help you out in this subject.


Earlier we have used the term e-Bike for bikes that were able to get assistance without turning the pedals and they were able to stay in motion purely in electric mode. On this model you had a throttle, so you could motor along or pedal also. These functions were totally independent.     


The Pedelec is a mosaic word that formed from th epedal+electric+cycle words. The essence of the system is that the assistance works only if you turn the pedals. There’s no throttle at all, the internal sensor monitors the cadence or the torque of the pedals. When the pedalling stops the assistance stops as well.


These days the Pedelec and the e-Bike name in general is getting more acceptable as e-Bike from the Customers point of view. This means that the e-Bike is used as a generic term for both Pedelec and electric bikes with a throttle. Overseas (mostly in the USA) the e-Bike term is also used for electronic motor bikes.   


As a result of this we can say most of the manufacturers (such as Gepida) opted the term e-Bike, this is how the product are categorized on our site as well.


If you have further questions please visit our website or alternatively conact us through Gepidas Social channels. Thank you. 

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