Reptila 1000 with Di2 system

Shimano introduced their very first electronic gear system (Dura Ace 7970) back in 2008. This was revolutionary as they provided a complete system for racers and to customers who were open to the idea of the new system. In 2011, Shimano introduced the electronic Ultegra set as well, which increased the popularity of the Di2 system.

Based on customer and market feedback the range has expanded and developed. In 2016, non-performance oriented racers can now also take advantage of electronic gear-shifting. Thanks to the Nexus Di2, upper middle range city bike users can also enjoy this kind of shifting.

The new Di2 system which has already proven its success in professional cycling is also ideal for everyday use: it is compact, precise and easy to operate in order to enhance the experience of cycling for everyone.

Here at Gepida, we also wanted our customers to take advantage of this advancement in shifting technology. This system is built into the Reptila 1000 Di2 model, which we highly recommend to everyone open to the idea of smooth and fast gear-shifting.

Further more riding the Gepida Reptila 1000 Di2 has many more advantage. The comfortable W-frame of the Reptila 1000 DI2, is not just for women, but also for men who prefer a convenient ride. The geometry of the fork and the frame ensure a comfortable riding position, which is the main requirement for a city bicycle.

The cogset and the brakes are also designed to ensure an optimal ride in cities. More braking power can be applied to the Magura HS-11 oiled rim even though less force is needed. The wheels and tires were selected to suit the needs of electric bicycles in urban traffic; therefore, the well-known Schwalbe tire was chosen, which is especially adjusted to the requirements of electric bicycles as it is slightly harder and rolls more smoothly.

The lighting range from Trelock, a long standing German brand that is considered a top innovator, fully satisfies all high-end lighting needs.

The electric system and features of the Reptila 1000 DI2; the mid-range Bosch motor provides outstanding weight distribution. The drive unit of the bicycle is from the Active Line range, specially optimized for application in cities. Active Line has a longer operating distance, ensuring a pleasant "tail-wind" when riding your bicycle. A high-performance battery, PowerPack 400, is integrated into the Reptila 1000 DI2. This version gives a more dynamic and sporty ride with a longer operating distance.

The Reptila 1000 DI2 is an ideal and reliable partner for people looking for a two-wheeled (electric) friend for getting around the city. The bike has 28 inch wheels and 8 gears and is available in three frame sizes; see its specifications for yourself.

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