The Alboin 900: Trekking at first sight

The trekking category of bicycle is probably the best for general use. These bikes are well suited to recreational cycling such as a touring with friends, taking family excursions or commuting to work. Trekking bikes look sportier than city bikes, and the seat position is less rigid than the Reptila 500, for example. The rider’s body is slightly bent forward over the handlebars and the back is not entirely upright.

Trekking bikes perform best on asphalt roads, but are good for touring as well, as they are also happy on easier terrains. The luggage rack can handle up to 30 kg and can be transformed to carry relatively large loads. The mudguards protect clothing from moisture and mud. The advantage of this bike over the city bike is the lighter construction, which means better manoeuvrability, and it’s easy to carry too, up stairs for example. 

And now, let us introduce you the latest top of the line Alboin model, which has a new and dynamic frame. The hydroforming technology frame of the Alboin 900 has been designed to be dynamic: the tube structure allows proper distribution of forces rising in the frame. The structure is reinforced where the top and down tubes meet in order to absorb forces. The bending at the seat tube is intended to maximize cycling comfort, and the standover height has been reduced while stiffness has remained. This guarantees that power will not be lost when pedalling. The seat tube is cut in from two sides to facilitate optimal seat post fixing. The profile of the down tube is optimised to absorb lateral forces.

The seat stay is also designed to provide stiffness, so that heavier luggage can also be transported safely. The design of the chainstay provides a lower centre of gravity, which enhances the road holding capacity and stability of the vehicle. The forks and the seat post both have suspension to enhance comfort, and the 63 mm spring travel provides extra convenience (compared to the average 55 mm travel).

The Shimano Deore LX shift lever offers the quality of the top-middle category, whereas the front Shimano Deore and rear Deore XT shifters represent the middle and the premium categories respectively. The range of the 30 gear shifter provides perfect coverage for all terrains. The Deore hubs used on the Alboin 900 belong to the higher range of the middle category, and the bearings are larger in the rear hub to enhance load-carrying capacity, which is necessary for a trekking bike. The Shimano FCT-551 chainwheel also belongs in the top-middle category, and its integrated axis provides much higher stiffness and lifecycle than – for example – an Octalink system chainwheel. 

As for the brakes, they are totally reliable and our experience and feedback from Gepida owners tells us that the Shimano Deore hydraulic brake system is a sophisticated solution. Its front and rear lamp are both fixed lights and the 30 lux luminosity is enough for a variety of uses. It’s also worth noting the enhanced design, too.

The Schwalbe Marathon+ tires feature extra flat-less protection, and are equipped with a reflex stripe, which renders spoke prisms unnecessary. The mudguard is of high quality and is quiet to provide proper performance.  The double wall riveted rims and stainless steel spokes ensure stiffness and lasting performance of the wheels.

If you do not intend to compromise with a less well equipped trekking bike, the Alboin 900 is a good choice for you. It can be used as a beast of burden but you can still ride it silently and easily on concrete or tampered roads. 

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