This year, we have expanded our distribution network in Holland

This year, we have expanded our ever growing distribution network in Europe with a new partner - Matrabike in Holland. While we have been selling traditional bicycles on this market for a while now, it is the first time we have truly dedicated ourselves to the distribution of our successful BOSCH ebike range in the country. Selling BOSCH ebikes, is also a new segment for Matrabike, together we aim at meeting the increasing demand of BOSCH electric bikes on the market in Holland. As a 2014 market research shows, the average price of the bikes sold in Holland is currently the highest in Europe ( with 844 EUR), followed by the German market – which is the largest bicycle market on the continent. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that quality is a dominant factor when choosing a new bicycle. We believe our products will meet all requirements on this market, and our ebikes will reach many on this market as well.


About Matrabike


Matrabike has been selling a wide range of bicycles for over 20 years. At the beginning they started bike sales from a tiny garage, which has grown large business and team of more than 50 employees over the years. They sell over 20 thousand bicycles annually and therefore they are one of the biggest bicycle distributors in the Benelux. They have 9 large stores in the Netherlands. There are many advantages of buying a bicycle from Matrabike: competitive prices, good service and great offers.

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