Using lights  in the winter period

Winter has arrived and cyclists now need to make sure that they use appropriate lights on their bikes. It is important for cyclists both to see and be seen, and for this, high quality lights are needed.

Unfortunately, winter is now upon us and thanks to the colder weather only the hard core cyclists are still out on two wheels. As well as the cold, cyclists have to deal with it getting dark early and this raises a question: Have you got the right lights for your bike?  Cyclists must always aim to be visible in order to prevent accidents, which are usually caused by a lack of appropriate visibility. It is important for you to see and to be seen. It is also recommended to use lights in rain and fog, as well as at dusk. 

When selecting your lights, it is important to consider various factors; for example, some lights are better suited for city use and others are more suitable on country roads.

A 15 Lux headlight is good enough in the city, where ambient lights illuminate the environment. However, outside the city, where there are no buildings and street lights to rely on you must be able to see at least six metres ahead, for which a 40 Lux headlight is necessary. You should also bear in mind that the battery capacity should be high enough to provide full brightness for up to two to three hours. Apart from run time and lighting distance, the beam structure is also important, especially when riding a road bike.

For example, we recommend our HIGH POWER LED FRONT LIGHT, which is equipped with a high luminosity white LED. Its waterproof design facilitates use in the rain and it can be mounted on handlebars of any diameter, without the need for any tools. You can use it in three different modes: high luminosity, low luminosity and flashing mode.

Rear lights are also important. The two, extra bright, 0.5 watt LEDs in our SUPER BRIGHT REAR LIGHT ensure appropriate visibility in all conditions. It is also worth taking a look at our FLASHING set, which we produce in various colours. It has a waterproof rubber housing and the two extra bright LEDs provide visibility in three operational modes.

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