10 „Must-have” bicycle tools

10 „Must-have” bicycle tools

We have listed 10 tools that are absolutely essential for every home mechanic. Having them can be absolutely crucial during a repair work that you carry out at home.  

1.       Cable cutter – Specific tool that’s designed for cutting cables and cable casings. Thanks to its profile and edge we can cut precisely.

2.       Chain tool – You can break the connection between the chain link sor join them again with the help of this handy tool.

3.       Multitool – This useful guy is a real do-it-all type tool. Can be handy if you need many different size tools (such as allen keys) during the repair.

4.       Chain whip – It’s a necessry tool every time you need to remove the casette off the wheel. You are able to block the freehub body with it’s help.

5.       Lock ring remover – This tool is suitable to loosen or tighten the lockring that holds the casette on the freehub body. Alternatively it also can be used to loosen or tighten the lockring that holds the rotor on the hub that has Centre Lock design.

6.       Chain checker – You are able to judge the lifes-pan of your chain with this tool. It is a handy tool if you prefer to change the chain when it’s needed and not run a too worn chain on your casette.

7.       Spoke wrench – This tool can be used when you need to true you wheels or need to tighten up loose spokes. The necessary size depends on the size of the nipples that are used on your wheels. There are models available with many different sizes, choose one of them.

8.       Tyre levers – It’s a useful tool and can be absolutely essential during a puncture repair. They are sold in a pack of 3 and sometimes (with road wheels for example) you will need 2-3 of them indeed.

9.       Torque wrench – It comes handy if you prefer to tighten bolts and screws (such as stem bolts, seatpost clamp bolts, rotor srews, ect.) to be tightened to the torque that’s recommended by the manufacturer. Many times the recommened torque is very important, this is why you should have one of these tools.

10.   Bottom Bracket tool – You’ll need this tool when you need to replace your bottom bracket or need to tighten up a loose one in your frame.



·         Always be sure the mentioned tools are compatible with the parts fitted on your bike. If your are not sure, visit your local bike shop and aks for advice.

·         If you carry out maintenance repairs on your bike frequently then it’s a good idea to invest sligthly more and get a bit better quality tools for the job. 

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