10 common mistakes that beginner cyclists make

10 common mistakes that beginner cyclists make

Beginner cyclists attention!!! We have it summed up how to avoid the most common cyclist mistakes. 

1.    Leaving without the essential tools, spare parts and some change. Having them with you could be critical in case of a puncture and you can avoid frustrating minutes.

2.    Leaving without enough food and drink. The right amount of food and liquid intake is very important on the bike and without having them you can easily get into trouble.

3.    Using the wrong saddle height. The too low and the too high saddle can cause unconfortable (and even painful) moments.

4.    Using the brakes too hard. Using the brakes too quickly and too much can be dangerous, so be sure you use the right amount of braking power that matches with the conditions.  

5.    Not being able to use the clipless pedals. Adjusting the spring tention correctly and having done some minimal practice is essential to avoid the unconfortable and dangerous situations. Always unclip with one foot before you come to a stop!

6.    Using the wrong gear. Always try to find the gear that is optimal to the terrain and to your fitness level. Never use too low or too high gear.

7.    Using the wrong tyre pressure. Always inflate your tyres to the pressure that is recommended by the manufacturer. Always avoid the too low or too high tyre pressure.

8.    Using too much chain lubricant. If you use too much chain lubricant your chain will get dirty too quickly. This will reduce the life of your chain and casette. Always use the chain lube carefully, less will do than you think!

9.    Wearing the wrong clothes. Always pick clothing that’s suitable for the weather. Their cut and fabrique ensures you’ll have conformtable time in the saddle. Using the wrong clothing could be a bad choice.

Wearing underwear underneath of your shorts. Make sure you never wear your underwear while wearing your shorts! The chamois in your shorts made out of antibacterial materails and been designed to be in contact with your skin. Your underwear can cause friction and skin irritacion, so this is why you need to avoid wearing it.

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