10 things that cyclist must try

10 things that cyclist must try

Here we have a list of 10 things that you must try of you are a cyclist. Otherwise there’s a good chance you will regret it. 

1.       Ride at night – Riding your bike at night is something that can not be compared to anything.  Every night spin will be a gerat adventure indeed.

2.       Beat a legendary climb – To beat a legendary climb or a famous peak is always a great achievement.  It will definitely be a special „trophy” for all cyclists.  

3.       Ride a tandem – Riding a tandem is the ultimate test of trust and harmony between two cyclists.  An experience that not to be missed.

4.       Find new trails, explore new places – Riding into the unknown and experience new things along the way. There’s only a few things that can be compared to this feeling!

5.       Go to a training camp – If you are ready to improve then don’t miss out on a training camp. It is an ideal environment tha will help you a lot. Especially if you join your mates and help each other during the training.  

6.       Try single speed mountain biking – Riding a single speed bike off-road is such an experience and challenge that all mountain bike riders must try. It’s a big task but the purity of cycling will compensate you for sure.

7.       Cycle with a pro – Riding alongside of a Pro is a rare situation. So, if there’s an opportunity then take it. You will tell the stories for years!

8.       Build a bike – The whole planning, getting the parts, building it and fine tune it, the first test ride… all of them will give you a joy that you can only experience if you build a bike of your own.  

9.       Cycle with your kids – It is fantastic to go for a bike ride with the Little Ones and to see how happy they are.  Woods, fields and trails are where the Adventure begins for them and they will be definitely a greatful audiance. 

10.   Enter a race – You need to give room to the healthy race spirit. If you have it in you then don’t wait any further: enter a race and try yourself!  

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