5 tips to ride safely in traffic

5 tips to ride safely in traffic

Safety comes first! To prevent possible accidents it's highly important to always pay attention to each other on the roads...

1.       Watch you surroundings carefully

It is very important to not only look but scan your whole environment. It includes to watch the road ahead and also to watch the surface for slippery sewer tops, glass, potholes and parked cars. Don’t just rely on your sense of hearing before you claiming road position, always check the blind spot over your shoulder to stay safe!  


2.       Anticipate problems before they arise


„Always expect the worst” – so, be sure you cover your brakes and to keep your reaction time on the minimum. Be prepared for anything and everything, this way you have better chance to avoid most of the traffic incidents.  


3.       Improve your riding skills

Confidence is one of the most important factor while riding in traffic. Being able to indicate and look over your shoulder without loosing control of your bike is absolutely essential in order to stay safe on the road. You also need to be able to ride predictably, so other road user know what are you doing. 


4.       Claim the best road position

It is important to claim the safest and the best road position. Don’t ride in the gutter and the door zone that is close to parked cars. Also avoid the inside of heavy good vehicles at junctions!   


5.       Negotiate with other road users

The Traffic Code applies to all road user to be able to share the road safely. Of course there’s constant non-verbal communication, such as signalling. Looking over your shoulders, signalling confidently or making eye contact with other road users (when you can) are all very powerful means of communicating your intensions.

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