Gepida pannier bag

Gepida pannier bag

Both is case of several day long touring trips and in the case of daily urban commute one of the most important accessories is a set of pannier bags that can be fitted onto the carrier rack. Due to its dimensions it can carry heavier and larger loads comfortably and safely.

The 14L capacity pannier bag - that can also be found in the Gepida Original Accessories range - is an ideal choice thanks to its optimal price / value ratio and due to its size.

The water resistant 600D polyester outer surface is strong and durable, the fast fitting system allows for a quick and easy installation. The well-designed inner pockets are there to support simple and safe storage. The reflective panels are there for further safety on the road.  


Tip: Always try and balance the weight in the pannier bags evenly, and make sure that your valuables (laptop, camera, etc…) are fitted safely and in a waterproof case. 

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