Unique present ideas for fanatic cyclists

Unique present ideas for fanatic cyclists

We have a few gift ideas that are truly unique and all fanatic riders would be happy to get any of them for sure.

All you need is old and worn bike parts, a few basic tools and some creativity!

1., Clock mad from old casette

·         an old and worn casette

·         a clockwork

·         a spoke

·         pliers

·         hot glue


Clean the casette first and take it apart as you will only need the upper section off it. Place the clockwork to the centre of the casette and fix itt o place with the hot glue. Bend the spoke to shape with the pliers to form a stand that will help to keep you new clock in a steady position.  

2., Belt made out of bicycle tyre

·         a worn bike tyre (with kevlar bead)

·         a belt buckle

·         a punch

·         scissors

·         a needle and some string


Cut the old tyre half and cut the kevlar bead off the edges with a pair of scissors. Then cut itt o the requested length. Cut one end to shape nicely and fasten the belt buckle to the pther end. With the help of the punch pierce a good few holes on the surface. Grab the spare piece of rubber and cut out a small piece that will be our loop on the belt. Once this is done your new belt is ready.

3.,Coaster made out of chainrings

·         old and worn chainrings (pieces from an old casette)

·         cork sheet

·         scissors

·         pen or pencil

·         hot glue / super glue

·         varnish (or paint if requested)

Place the previously cleaned and degreased chainrings on the top of the cork sheet. (This can be painted as wll if necessary). Draw light outlinesss around the chainring. Cut the circles out with the pair of scissors. (Tip: we advise to cut slightly smaller size then the one we marked before). Now glue the chainrings on the circle shaped cork sheets with hot glue / super glue. The last step is to apply a thin layer of varnish and we are finished.

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