Using e-Bikes during the winter

Using e-Bikes during the winter

We need to pay extra attention to our e-Bike during the cold and wet winter months. These complex systems need more attention compare the normal bikes.

Of course e-Bikes can be used all year long but it’s important to ensure they are in perfect condition. Keeping the bike clean is our job: all parts need to dry after riding on the wet and slushy roads and we need to ensure it happens. If we don’t look after the bike and we don’t carry out the necessary maintenance jobs we can’t expect the bike to perform well. Of course this is more important during the winter months than summertime.

The ideal temperature is between 5°C and 30°C to these systems. In sub zero conditions we need to remove the battery and we need to store in room temperature with about 30-40% charge level. Having the battery stored with too low or maximum level of charge can damage the battery cells.

In case we store the bike outdoors we always need to find a place that is sheltered from rain or alternatively use waterproof rain cover. This way our beloved bike will stay dry. Always remove the display and the battery also in case of outdoor storage.



·         Don’t forget to keep the connection surfaces of the battery clean

·         If you store the bike for longer period of time always charge the batteries every 3 months and keep the recommended 30-40% level of charge

Always ensure the necessary ventilation in case you use waterproof rain cover.

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