Look behind the scenes! Interview with Mr. György Berkes, the owner of Gepida

How did a small business become one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers and a strong bike brand in nearly 30 years? 
The internationally recognized Newsweek Magazine conducted a really dynamic interview with György Berkes, the owner and CEO of Gepida. They talked about significant milestones, overcoming the challenges posed by Covid, conquering international markets, ambitious domestic plans and the importance of uniqueness in the bike market.

Gepida newsweek cikk

„We found out that our way is uniqueness: to develop unique bikes for niche markets and go to new markets with those. In our portfolio we do have standard city e-bikes, but also a few special products/devices like tandem bikes, folding bikes, cargo bikes and gravel bikes with electric system.”

You can read the whole interview in Newsweek Magazine here in English.